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First aid, Practice Based Resuscitation and AED training

1st December 2014 AED and CPR, Plockton.

"Very clear and helpful".

"Any questions I had were answered fully and clearly. Easier to remember because it all made sense when explained".

"Due to having carried out this training I feel confident enough to use the equipment. No second thoughts. Thank you".

30th November 2014 Emergency First Aid at Work, Plockton

"Brilliant course. The tutor made it very interesting and fun to learn".

"Excellent trainer, great fun and informative".

"Thank you for the first aid course. Must say, best first aid course I've ever been on".

AED and CPR 30th November 2014, Plockton.

"Great course, very enjoyable and informative".

"I really enjoyed this course as it was informative and easy to understand what was taught to me".

27th November 2014 Practice Based Resuscitation Course, Mayfield Medical Practice, Bradford.

"Best training ever"

"Good training session and the right length of time for clinicians".

"Excellent, thank you"

"Very informative"

"Very good"

"very informative and interesting"

"very good presentation and method of delivery"

18th September 2014 Practice Based Resuscitation Course, Westcliffe Medical Practice, Bradford.

"Excellent training session, good pace, thoroughly enjoyable".


"Learned a lot but hope I will never half to put it in to practice."

"excellent course, thank you"

24th September 2014 Practice Based Resuscitation, NHS England, Leeds

"5/5, very good thanks".

"Overall the session was very good."

"Excellent tutor, very enjoyable."

3rd September 2014 Practice Based AED/CPR Training: Westcliffe Innovations Ltd.

"Really good training session, very useful and easy to follow".

"Really enjoyed it, very good, very useful and understanding"

"Great to play with AEDs. Scenarios helped contextualise what we had learnt, Thanks a lot!"

"Enjoyable course, very useful as I have learned new techniques with the machines"

"Really good and practical, videos and scanarios - fab"

"Good training session on BLS. Varied teaching techniques , videos, lecture and practical sessions".

Free AED Training in Plockton Received Well!

Following a donation to Lucky2BHere the Community in Plockton received free AED Training from WYMS during w/c 23-28th February 2014. Their new Public Access AED being in place (see Community Involvement Page). Feedback included:

"This course was excellent and more than satisfied my requirements. I feel more confident now about using an AED. Many thanks".

"Very simple and informative, confidence much better".

"I would do this again, it was very good".

"Just what I needed and the update in first aid was very useful".

"Everything was explained very thoroughly and patiently".

"Excellent course, well worth doing".

"I was very impressed with the delivery and content of the course. Thank you".

"Very enjoyable and well presented".

"This course was excellent and I could not believe how things have changed since my last course. Mike was a fantastic tutor".

"Very informative - I feel very comfortable with the use of the AED thanks to Mike - a great course".

"Very informative and fun".

"Absolutely invaluable".

"It was fun, we want Mike back!"

"Come back in two years please!"

25th February 2014, Emergency First Aid at Work, Plockton

"Very good, really enjoyed it".

"Mike covered all the contents at a sensible pace, stopping where necessary to explain the details".

"Best first aid course I have been on".

18th September 2013 Emergency First Aid at Work" The Nerve Centre Kirklees

"Great Day, very informative".

"Exceeded my expectations, thank you".

"Extremely enthusiastic trainer, very helpful".

13-15 September 2013, FAW and AED, Queen Elizabeth Barracks

"Worthwhile weekend, tutors were enthusiastic, knowledgeable and helpful".

"The course was very good".

"Very good and enjoyable course. I learnt new skills as well as tidied up existing ones".

"I have enjoyed this course and learnt and reaffirmed my knowledge of first aid".

"The trainer was very helpful, very enjoyable course".

"Mike was very entertaining and kept us all interested".

2nd November 2012, V & A Bell Brown LLP (EFAW).

"Having the course in the office made it very relevant as did the use of scenarios"

"Excellent trainer! Very encouraging, made the session very enjoyable, key phrases that stuck in my mind and will be remembered. Thank you!"

"Mike's comments on my negative start that turned into something more positive by the end of the course were very helpful"

"Extremely well run and useful"

"Very enjoyable course, tutor easy to listen to and learn from"

"Enjoyed the work based scenarios"

"I learnt a lot, thank you!"

"Excellent tuition, carried the enthusiasm throughout the day"

20th September 2012, Shipley (BLS, AED and Anaphylaxis Training for clinical staff)

"fab!, simple, effective and to the point, thanks"


"Excellent 10/10"

"Excellent update, informed and hands on approach, really good"

"Excellent session, interactive, good contribution from the team"

20th September 2012, Bradford (Basic CPR training for Admin Staff)

"Best of the 3 BLS sessions I have done, practical and down to earth"

"Very good, clearly explained to us by a friendly trainer who made it understandable and interesting, well done!"

"Enjoyed the training very much".

10th July 2012, Leeds Skate Park (Emergency First Aid)

"Better than any other first aid training that I have ever done before"


13th June 2012, Leeds (First Aid at Work)

"very good course - content and organisation excellent. Venue very good. Enjoyable and instructive - good use of scenarios and activities".

"inclusion of CPR for children and babies was useful".

"very hands on, amazed at how much I have learned, very lively".

"The course was excellent and very enjoyable, and all the staff were extremely helpful".

"I was a little apprehensive at first but found the experience very informative and enjoyable in the end."

12th May 2012, Leeds (Emergency Aid)

"really good course, lots of relevant in formation, I just hope I never need to use it"

"really good!, he knew a lot and delivered it well"

20th October 2011, Shipley (CPR & AED update)

"Very to the point, memorable, thank you"

6th October 2011, Shipley (CPR & AED update)

"Great update, thanks"

"Training was better in small groups as had good opportunity to practice skills"

"Very clear presentation, was better doing the training in small groups as had good opportunity to practice on mannequins. Handout was useful also"